• Our IIoT Strategy Connects You With New Sensors On Remote, Mobile and Legacy Assets

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    Your Opportunity - Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

    Collecting data from remote assets is simpler and more economically feasible than ever due to:

    • Innovative sensor technology
    • Ubiquitous network connectivity
    • Falling compute and storage costs

    These factors are enabling you to gain better visibility into the health of your assets. In fact, asset location no longer matters. OSIsoft's IIoT focus is to extend the PI System data infrastructure to reach wherever your assets live.

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  • Avoid IIoT Disasters By Taking a Strategic Approach

    We understand the excitement around IIoT. Today’s IIoT solutions can solve operational and business problems that have hampered companies for years. But not every IIoT approach is problem-free.

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    1. Data silos: collecting data into asset or solution-specific applications limits your view of enterprise performance
    2. No data ownership: time series data resides with the collection company
    3. Missing, or poor, data context: lack of metadata makes it difficult for end users to find data
    4. Poor data quality: due to unpredictable network connectivity
    5. Increased use of bandwidth: raw data sent from remote locations means higher bandwidth costs
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    1. Maintain one version of the truth for your time series data and easily integrate it with other systems; the PI System is agnostic and eliminates silos
    2. Own and control your time series data
    3. See the data context by automatically collecting source metadata that can be filtered, searched, etc.
    4. Maintain consistent data quality by buffering and/or storing data during network interruptions
    5. Optimize data communications by analyzing raw data in the field

    A Data Infrastructure Approach to IIoT

    A Data Infrastructure Approach to IIoT
  • “I've been hearing a lot about this Internet of Things. This is a good example of that...putting out these low-cost sensors, incorporating them into the PI System.”

    — Cameron Sherding, Sr. Software Engineer, DTE

  • Our Technology
    Pervasive Data Collection Initiative

    Pervasive data collection, OSIsoft’s IIoT product development initiative, ensures sensor based data from distributed, remote and mobile assets can be collected, stored, analyzed and streamed into the PI System. This initiative is a fully integrated software stack that contains three core elements:

    PI Connectors & PI Interfaces

    PI Connectors & PI Interfaces

    A portfolio that enables connectivity to devices through more than 230 industry protocols.

    OSIsoft Message Format

    OSIsoft Message Format (OMF)

    A message specification from OSIsoft that shapes sensor based data so that it can be transferred and stored in the PI System.

    Pi System for Edge Gateways

    PI System for Edge Gateways

    The PI System can now be deployed on environmentally hardened PCs so you can take the power of the PI Server to your remote assets.

    Pervasive Data Collection Architecture

    Chart Two Pervasive Data Edge

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    Benefits of the PI System on Edge Gateways

    A perfect match for remote asset monitoring, OSIsoft technology running seamlessly on edge gateways.

    Edge gateways are a new class of computer hardware built with IIoT in mind. Edge gateways make it possible for OSIsoft to provide a distributed architecture where analytics and data storage can live near remote assets. Synchronizing a local data set with a central server ensures no data is lost over unreliable networks.

    Edge gateways are more rugged and field-ready than traditional, rack mounted servers, allowing them to live near the asset. Running a PI Server near a remote asset provides advantages:

    • Data access for local decision making
    • Analytics to filter raw data and save bandwidth
    • Data storage for buffering over intermittent networks

  • Pervasive Data Collection with
    Edge Gateways and the PI System

    Chart 2 pervasive data edge
  • The PI System Enables IIoT in Three Simple Steps

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    Connect the PI System to any industrial data source—any protocol, from any manufacturer—and our technology will pull your data out.

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    Pool your data in a centralized database—built expressly for time series data—and ensure your entire organization can access and it.

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    Share your data through the cloud, third party applications access it programmatically using the PI Web API, or push it to an external system using PI Integrators.

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    Your success in IIoT requires teamwork. OSIsoft Partners are ready to contribute their expertise and services to help you implement your IIoT solutions.

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    Companies to Develop IIoT Solutions


    PTC Improves Augmented Reality and Machine Learning

    National Instruments

    Bring context to High-Speed national Instruments Sensor Data

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    Demo: A Partner-Centric IIoT Integration Example Using Off-the-Shelf Components

  • “It [the PI System] is the one application that spans the IT and OT domains.”

    — Nick Burkinshaw, Operations Manager, Thames Water

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